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Step One: Arizona Registrar of Contractors
Step Two: The Better Business Bureau Case #97008593
Step Three: 3 on your side
Step Four: Attorney General

Carpet inspectors

Interested in inspecting our carpet? We're inviting others to see for themselves the condition of our carpet. Important update: We have new carpet now and it's holding. Thank you for your emails! Important update 05/02/11: We have the old carpet sample in storage. We have new carpet at this time.

Dear follow Shaw Carpet, Pacific Coast Floors and Anso Nylon future customers:

This page is a warning to those hard working individuals who are looking for quality carpet. We know that buying carpet for your home is an investment and you want quality product for it. Unfortunately for us we bought a lemon, a defective carpet that is falling apart right before our eyes, and what's worst, the manufacturer, the sales representative and the retailer who sold us the carpet are not doing a thing about it.

Thus, we decided to build this web page. And with it, we will show you the pictures, the inspector's affidavits and more. We want the world to know how we were treated and how you, the hard working buyer can protect yourself from buying into a scam. We will update our web page with Better Business Bureau (BBB) filing (assigned case #97008593), interviews with other inspectors and carpet experts, plus other buyers experiences buying from Pacific Coast Floors Arizona (contractor licence #B124685), Shaw carpet, and Anso Nylon.

So return often as we update our page with the latest information.